About Us

Clinch River Custom Builders is owned by Christopher and Simon Hodshon.
Educated in environmental sciences with degrees in forestry and biology from The
University of the South, Christopher and Simon have a unique perspective on the
building industry. In an era of changing building products and techniques, Clinch River Custom Builders combines traditional building methods and new building science with the goal to create homes that will not only withstand the rigors of the environment, but will also endure changing fads and styles. Endurance, the ability to last through change, is the key to sustainability in the building industry.

Buildings shape our lives by providing the structure for our work and activities.
They also shape our landscape. Buildings are permanent footprints on the earth, each occupying space, and requiring energy and natural resources. Buildings alter not only their locale but also any off-site locations where work was done to build them. Because our buildings have such an impact on our lives and landscape and because our space is limited, it is imperative that we plan our buildings properly and use our resources wisely.

Therefore, it is the goal at Clinch River Custom Builders to build smartly, with environmentally conscious planning and sound building practices. These methods result in sturdy, efficient, well built homes that endure. Smart building begins with good planning – planning that includes all the minds involved with the project: owner, family, architect, and builder. To create a new building that will last or to restore an old building for new use, appropriate sizing, energy efficiency, site placement, and aesthetics must all work in unison.

Sustainability is not achieved with one project, one neighborhood, or one community. It needs to be defined on a larger scale that encompasses the entire industry.  The building methods, the material acquisition processes, and the ways energy is used over a long period of time on many homes are the factors that define sustainability.  Sustainable procedures become truly sustainable only once they are repeated and accepted as the standard.

Just as one home cannot be sustainable by itself, one company cannot either. Clinch River Custom Builders wants to be part of a group of builders, homeowners, architects, and material providers who will create a building industry that can and will be sustainable.